Luca Ruali

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A magnetic communication with nature, preview #02, 2018
A magnetic communication with nature, preview #01, 2018
An audio and video performance by Luca Ruali with Nicola di Croce and the scientific contributions of Mata Trifilò.

A magnetic communication with nature confuses the formats of the concert, the lesson, the live editing of video sequences.

The action is divided into scenes that reorganize the themes of Il Paese Nero / Black Italy a research and a project by Luca Ruali, with Virginia Sommadossi for Centrale Fies.

A scene is dedicated to emotional censorship received by actions of documentation of the Italian condition, even harsh and explicit, censorship that allows the registration of just folkloristic aspects.

The scene is also accompanied by samples of The Adventures of Pinocchio – a text used to the removal of its terrible aspects.